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  • Kate Marie Lewis

    Kate Marie Lewis

    Big data geek, neuroscientist and artist.

  • Michael Kammerer

    Michael Kammerer

    Digital Artist, Designer. Lover of technology and abstract art.

  • Keno Leon

    Keno Leon

    AI, Software Developer, Designer : www.k3no.com

  • Fabian Bosler

    Fabian Bosler

    Founder of www.viteach.de β€” modern math education. EX-Consultant turned tech geek! Business intelligence, marketing, advanced analytics, and machine learning.

  • Mailei Vargas

    Mailei Vargas

    Data Detective | Problem Solver | Puzzle Lover | Trail Junkie | Are you going to eat that?

  • Eden Au

    Eden Au

  • Aphinya Dechalert

    Aphinya Dechalert

    Code Things + Productivity, Freelancing & Ideas πŸ•πŸ•πŸ• Follow me at twitter.com/dottedsquirrel

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