Software is forevermore … a wasted investment


2010 -

Oracle acquires Sun Microsystems and sues Google over the inappropriate use of 11,000 lines of code.

April, 2021 -

United States Supreme Court rules that Google was in the right to use Oracle’s Java code in their Android Operating System.

While some see it as a win for Software Professionals worldwide, it is a devastating blow to those who invest in, create, and refine Intellectual Property of any sort. The world is now in for a ride as people and organizations will wake up to the FACT that they have no rights, no protection, no claims, and…

The fallacy of new programming languages and tools

Engineer 1: Hey, did you hear about that new programming language [insert any new language]?

Engineer 2: Oh yeah, I did; it looks incredible. Did you hear that Company X in Silicon Valley uses it?

Engineer 1: NO! That’s great news; we should try and use it here at our company.

Fast forward to the next management meeting:

CTO: Engineer 1 has demanded we use this new programming language, else they will quit our company and go work somewhere else.

CEO: We already invested all our assets into a set of tools and programming languages; why do we need to…

The Software Professionals Quest for Historic Insignificance

Here we are in 2021; the World is changed. Covid has solidified our dependence on the Internet forever, and Intellectual Property around the Internet means nothing. Before the mid-1990s, telecommunication technology was incapable of transmitting data at any applicable rate. The Internet itself is running on a set of standards and protocols that are accepted industry-wide. This communication model is called the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Model, and it governs how data flows across the Internet. It is perhaps the most widely accepted standard in the technology field.

The introduction of this new model that allowed any two hardware devices…

It might surprise people, but my strongest languages are all SQL derivates. 4th generation languages, meant specifically for dealing with Set Data and Data Transformation. I fully acknowledge, they are NOT ideal languages for things like Web programming, or Systems programming.


You conveniently leave the context of your breakdown of my response:

The syntax is NOT a valid criticism for new languages... Ha Ha Ha

Here is Kelly Code:

?B |-| 394 ... 3847 /% :2 ~ A

It defines a variable A, does a null check on variable B, loops from 394 to 3847, performing absolute value next…

My entire contention with new languages is that they delude the knowledge base, and intellectually factor the engineers. Is it a hash table? Is it a dictionary? no no no, it must be a MAP. OHHHHH, that's what you mean? We haven't gotten to anything complicated, yet we still aren't on the same page.

It is this weirdly held belief that somehow it MUST be a syntax problem when trying to EXPRESS algorithms. Here's my dose of reality for you:

If you CAN'T express A (any, all, something!) solution using EXISTING LANGUAGES and TOOLS, %100 guarantee the problem is simply…

As if writing code itself wasn’t hard enough, when you get into a real job as Software Engineer, it can be overwhelming what is expected of you. After 15 years of working in Software, I have learned that there is so much more than simply writing code to being an engineer.

Here are 10 things you need to know about as a Software Engineer beyond writing code:

1 — Project Management

It is one thing to build a software solution that solves a particular problem and it is a whole other thing to build a software solution that solves problems on a deadline. Too…

Bach C Major Prelude: Analyzed and Performed

Some years ago, during some time was available for more interesting side projects, I built some tools to analyze Music Notation. It wasn’t to analyze patterns in the sounds you hear with Music, but the symbols people use to read Music. Having graduated from one of the world’s best Music institutions, I know a thing or two about having to read Music from 1500-Today.

In this article, we look at Bach’s C Major Prelude from the Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1 — BWV 846. The focus is ultimately to find new ways of studying…

Understanding what it is and how it fits into the development lifecycles.


Back in 2017, I was asked to speak at a conference in the Salt Lake City, Utah area on the topic of Technical Debt. This is an update to the original presentation that was given.

Phase 1 — Initial Feature Development

Let us start with an example of a software development project that will demonstrate how technical debt is created and evolved.

Example Project:

Super-Duper Upper Juice Company — Sales Commissions

Super-Duper Upper Juice Company has developed a new product, and they have made the decision to pay…

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